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12 Resolutions to Kickstart 2017

With every new year comes the feeling of a fresh start. A chance to take control of your journey and write your own story. Where will you end up? Who will you meet? What new songs will you listen to on repeat? So many unknowns waiting to happen. That’s why we came up with a dozen ways to make 2017 full of adventure and discovery. So grab life by the towel, live fully and get out there with these 12 resolutions for the new year:

1. Explore new places. Where will 2017 take you?


2. Enjoy the sunset. Or sunrise. Both shows are free. Vagabond-Sunset

3. Spend more time underwater. Just remember to come up for air. 

4. Plan more adfriendtures. After all, adventures without friends are sadventures.

5. When in doubt, say yes. Life is more fun that way. 

Vagabond-Say Yes More than No

6. Sleep under the stars. 

Bonus: Plan your sleepover during the next lunar eclipse on Saturday, February 11th.

Double bonus: Plan a trip during the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017! But since solar eclipses happen during the day, you don't want to be sleeping for this one. 


7. Find alternative modes of transportation. 


8. Listen to the wild. You just may find the answers you seek. 

Vagabond-New Years Resolutions

9. Give back. We donate 10% of our net profits to charities that support our planet, cancer research, and protecting endangered wildlife. Let's give back together. 

10. Climb more trees. And enjoy the view while you're at it. 


11. Travel with your best friend. You're not the only one that likes getting some fresh air.


12. Pack lighter. Travel farther. The packing part may be a challenge, but we have faith in you. 


Share your 2017 adventures with @VagabondBeach / #GetLosttobeFound. See you out there!

Jordan Sullivan
Jordan Sullivan


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