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About Us

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We share a love of nature, a goal of helping to protect our beaches and mountains, and a desire to give back. We have the privilege of being able to work with many great people throughout the world who share our vision of keeping our planet beautiful for generations.  In this spirit, we are proud to donate 10% of our net profit to charities that support these causes.

Like true Vagabonds, we’re a group of travelers based all over the world with a constant thirst for adventure, trying new things, meeting new people, and discovering new places; always ready to hit the road, jump on a plane, hop on a camel, or hitch a ride on a dog sled. 

We believe in wrong ways and detours. Dirt roads and back roads. The unbeaten path. The road less traveled. Exploring the unknown. Not just in travel, but in life. Because only when you are lost, do you find your way. That’s why we love being out in the world escaping the noise and seeking moments of clarity, wonder,  and serenity– from the sea to the mountains to our own backyards–and we hope you’ll join us.

So drift away. Get lost in adventures to discover more about yourself, other cultures, nature, and ultimately the world around you. Just remember to take us with you. 

 See you out there,


The Vagabond Team


Vagabond Team at the beach on Vagabond Round Towel

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